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To Forgive The One That Never Needed To Be Forgiven (Abuse)

She was cute and little
Loved to laugh and giggle
Alway's trying to make other's smile
Every once in a while
She was so loved
And able to beloved

Until her dad began to hurt her
At first so confused she couldn't wait for it to reoccur
After awhile she just wanted thing's to go back to the way they were
He was hurting her more and more she knew it wasn't right
So she began to put up a fight
He held her down with all his might
She began to let go as she took flight
Looking down seeing herself unable to fight
Night after night

With so much shame
And that she was to blame
She began to back away
She didn't want to go out and play
Instead she would go under the bed and pray
God please let me die today

As time passed the shame grew
She blamed herself for what she going through
By this time she was being hurt by other's to
Unable to feel and not sure what to do
She began to really listen and believe what the other's said was true
They told her that she was a no good screw
And nobody will ever love you
She started to hurt herself the way other's do

She started to do drug's and drink to hide and numb the pain
That she couldn't even explain
She tried to keep everything contained
That is where she still remain's
Locked and bound in chain's

She is me
The man upstairs heard my plea
He sent a little girl to make me see
What I have to do to set you free
I'm sorry that I hated and blamed you to that degree
Just know I'm coming to set you and her free

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Indeed very touching poem... deep... very well written...
I'm sorry. i cry every time
The silent one, this happens to everyone, everyone wants to let this feeling of being alone and having nothing to do about it, but writing it does help. Aren't you glad that you have the power to write the way you feel? Unlike the poeple who are like the hurter in your story, who does not know how to express their feelings, except by hurting other people, because they feel pain inside... This was a very touching poem, thank you for writing it.
I go dead inside....hurray for the good guy who no longer needs to nor has to hide...iip
so sad..but yet it still happens to so many...
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