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Even Then
TGC (16 November / Westport New Zealand)

Even Then

Even then

Was born, raised somewhere, where
-saw rebels and shotguns
-Coup de-tats, coups de-tats!
-Had to pass, and crossed
-bridges with tracks and canals!

What a life, what a life!

Was censored all the time!
-Censorship has been life
-for poets, poetry
-which grew very rich
-by using metaphors, ambiguity!

We, so-called: "Old Nation"
-have had mobs forever, and always
-they do keep and own the
-knife and chain and sticks
-to pull tongues, shut the mouths
-demanding: "Don't speak! "

Our poems, music, many songs
-are full of and based on
-the Tulip
-many times, the red wild,
- (showing who rebels are
-and love the freedom;
-children to nature!)

In times, though, tulip is domestic
-to show the friendship, families
-getting bored from the patriarchs.

Oh, poets of Persian and Iran
-your words are red-blood
-crimson on pages,
-after long, when dried.

They are all golden and treasure
-when choosing the methods.

You select the words with two angles
-icing them with great metaphors
-to shed light, top it up, choosing ways!

And justice,
And mullahs,
(Past and now!)
Have been, are


Yes dear…
Yes dear…
Yes dear…

This can be
-the cause why
-we, always
-have had "Shah! "

And mullahs
-wear turban
-as crowns…

To become
-shitty shah.

Our nation
-brothers and sisters
-has remained
-divided, pro-con…

Part of us is always
-serving the outsider
-look at coup of 1953!

I was six
-a child of around five
-and saw it how it was …

That can be why I am a rebel
-to all and each of the
-till I die…
-till I rest in grave…

My questions are simple:
- "What about the nation? "
- "When will be united? "
- "Why should we be abused?
- "Why do the cruel rules? "
- "Until when are we fooled? "

Am in love with poets
-and poems, when Persian
-in any part of us
-Iran to India
-all the way to Turan…

They speak in secret
-we must read, decipher
-the Morse Code that they use
-Hafez and Khayyam and…
-all of them have clues…

I rebelled
I rebel for ever…

I sneak and do what
-they tell me; "Do not do! "

In Dubai I helped the
-opposites, smugglers
-my store was shelter
-for ones who had rebelled…

"No US product…"
-said rulers in Iran
-I opened an LC,
-water pumps, importing.

Had people remove the
-labels of "US made"
-changing to: "Taiwan made"
-rewrapped them in boxes
-exported all of them
-to Iran to save the
-farmers in Varamin
-and many more cities…

Broke laws everywhere;
-proudly do again
-if needed, required!

"Fax is not permitted! "
-said Iran government.

I let man use store
-gather fax and restore
-then wrap and pack and ship,
-smuggle, sell them cheap.

Slogan was simple:
- "People need freedom."

I purchased, imported
-the tools that converted
-the landline to faxes
-so, people could converse
-without leaving trace
-or being detected…

Now, the ex-minster
-confirms how the letters
-were read by hundreds
-to be safely censured…

Am sending this message
-to fools in government,
-past and now, future:
- "We knew, even then!
-You betrayed the nation.
-Confession is too late.
-You are shame to Shiites.
-The same shit rules today! "

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