To Give An Impress

I am here! , I am here,
Just the beginning of the night,
Holding my poetic leaves,
A few days later.
The wintery winds already have desiccated
The whole day's platter,
Nothing is soggy,
Grassy fields no longer are dank;
I am here, just I am here
Standing on the way of a staid street.
That's a beautiful dame I see
In her fancy room wandering around
The decorated glassy palace.
Oh, like those warm desert island
Once I have seen!
And with them now I compare, I,
Not it's the very moment I saw her traces,
Often I Have glared at her prominent face
And fix myself sometimes to stay
Before such precious immacuate place.
Will she allow me to enter in? Will she...?
A very frenzied lover wants
To sit silently for some while,
May I be granted to give an impress
That could be so sweet for both of us and to sublime? ?
After all she is a beautiful dame,
I think she's my dame.


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