LMG (May 12,1991, / Aurora)

To Grandpa

I still think you're here,
That you're not dead yet.
I just can't believe it,
I still think you're here.

It feels like just yesterday,
We were working outside,
Or watching TV together.
It still feels like yesterday.

This is the unreality of reality,
You dying, I just can't beleive it,
You were just here; I was just talking to you,
This is the unreal of the real.

At your wake Grandpa,
I didn't say goodbye,
I just can't beleive you're dead,
At least not yet Grandpa.

I can't let you go,
But I'm loosing my grasp on you Grandpa,
I think it's time to say goodbye.
I think it's time for me to realize you're gone.

I want to give you one last hug,
Just one more kiss on the cheek,
But I can't Grandpa.
I just want to let you know I love you,
One last time.

At youre funeral Grandpa,
I didn't believe you were in the coffin,
But when you started to be lowered into the ground,
I saw people crying.

But I stood firm for you Grandpa,
I kept my lips straight,
My Face so serious,
Because I knew you wouldn't want me to cry.

There's so much I still want to say to you,
There's so much you still have to see,
But you won't be able to, and you can't, I guess this is it Grandpa.
I love you and I miss you, Goodbye.

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