To Grow Old Together

I always hoped
to have you by my side
during the sunset of life,
when the sun
is so close to the horizon
that the night is almost frightening,
when everything
seems to be filtered
by the awareness
that time is almost up,
that the things that looked so far away
are now so close,
when we think more about tomorrow
than about today.
I always hoped
you would be by my side
because I knew
that smiling
would be easier,
that hugs
would still be the same
difficulties less difficult
efforts less tiring
suffering more tolerable
joys more intense,
because I wanted to share
every moment of my life with you,
even the final ones.
I always hoped
we would be together
and now that the wrinkles
are even deeper
because you're gone,
the night
doesn't scare me anymore.

by Gianfranco Aurilio

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A lovely and poignant poem. I can relate, being no stranger myself to grief and loss. Congrats, Gianfranco, for having your poem chosen as Member POD!
Beautiful poem, Gianfranco. Congratulations for having it selected as poem of the day!
'and now that the wrinkles are even deeper because you're gone, the night doesn't scare me anymore' - These lines touched me deep. So sad, yet so beautiful! ! ! To grow old together with a beloved one is a sublime thought, which the poet has elaborated so beautifully in this poem! Loved it really and thought over it, over and over again! Congratulations on your poem's selection as the 'Member Poem of the Day'!
Nobody's life, long or short, is a cakewalk. We have to bear and traverse through our own trials and tribulations throughout the length of our life. This becomes easier when we have hands of love to hold on to, particularly at the later days of our life. I fully agree with Lorraine Colon that 'It's no fun growing old, but to do it with a loved one is so much easier to bear'.
A very touching poem, congratulations on POD Gianfranco.
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