'To Have A Peace For The World'

Now a day..,

All Nations call for Freedom,
And want to stay in peace world,
But they don’t believe and see about the real.

God created humankind, not for character of their mind,
Human wants unlimited, God could not do to adjust,
May be God will destroy all of things at the last time,
Because, humans are ever making him incredulous.

How should we save?

All leaders want to take influence power over the edges.
They are telling about freedom and peace in every moment,
And also setting up the hyper killing equipments.
Then, every Head of States are saying these words;
“Their preparation is unsafe for the world,
Our setting up is defense as security for Universe.
They are members of terrorism, we are saver from tribulation.
They are Satan, we are good people of God created”

O... Mankind,
You need Peace for the world (Universe) ,
One thing should do with your wisdom
Rival with the decreasing of the Guns (all weapons) Power
And, One thing also could be changed their mind,
Love your God, respect other’s God,
Gather all values and show your understanding for them.
Don’t blame them first as a stupid man,
Because, we are, in this kingdom, all stupid humankind,
who could not remove our sensual desire from our mind.

O.., Brother,
Live your believe
Conflict should be deleted
Guns powers have to decrease
Avoid please, to making a war with your humanity thinking
Value all of lives of human being
Respect to your relatives (humankind)
Because, your reorganization was their needs,
So, we all would see and feel about Free and Peace in this world
God Bless you for every step of your thinking and doing things…!

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