To Have A Tainted Taste

Crushed to dust are those rose colored glasses.
Worn to adorn highlighted ideals once valued,
And much trusted,
A rusting of rainbows have begun to appear.
With a purging of reality approaching and near.

Frustrated and disgusted,
More are finding it a must...
To rid from implemented fears,
Protected to defend...
Investments made producing nonexistent dividends.

And a crushing to permit those yesterdays to fade,
Are those who wished with dreams...
To escape with those escapades hand picked to be delivered.
On a variety of platters bestowed with sweets to savor.
Under a thickened crust of flavorful homemade marmalade.

But today...
A betrayal detected has been uncovered to discover.
And to have a tainted taste impossible to digest,
That is just too overdone.
And deceptively sweetened to produce an anticipated effect.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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