To Have In Common

The only thing,
Many seem to have in common these days.
Is an indulgence to diminish,
A quality of life.
With activities attempted,
To have it done.
Until that quality fades away.

Few daily review,
The preamble to the Constitution.
Or know what this introduction means,
To the founding fathers.
Who had ideals and dreams.
With it wished,
To have one nation under God.
In the hopes a document,
Would prevent its destruction.

Yet today...
Not only are more divided,
Then ever before.
But those elected,
To uphold and protect these ideals.
Seem more motivated to initiate division.
Bigotry and their preference for hatred.
Done to do to isolate themselves.
In ongoing debates.
While a nation of mixed races.
Collectively created the greatest of it.
To have a few ungrateful,
Seek with their wishes...
To eliminate history.
With it re-written their way.
To have it believed their independency,
Was a colorless effort to endeavor.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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