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To Have My 'Happy Family' There's Not A Thing I Wouldn'T Do..

There's nothing more I want in this world then to have a family with you,
and to build my 'Happy Family' there's not a thing I wouldn't do.
If I had to walk a thousand miles just to carry your little boy,
I will do it! , then we can share our little pride and joy.
We can share all the laughters and maybe even cries,
But at least we know were committed, and together is where our hearts lie.
I want to share my life with you because I believe you're the one,
Im so head over heels in love with you, So I will do anything that needs to be done.
I will stand by your side through thick and thin,
and keep you away from harm, hidden under my wing.
I will be the best mommy that I can be,
I will teach my child everything, like 1,2 3.
I will read them a story book before they go to bed,
and make sure they know they can talk to me when things are on their head.
I will wipe the tears they cry, and show them mommy and daddy's here,
I will comfort them, and help them beat their biggest fear.
I will be the best mommy that I ever could be,
I want you to be the father, baby, you and me! ? !
I want nobody else to love and care for but my child and you,
So to have my 'happy familly' theres not thing I wouldn't do..

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