To Have Pursued And Accomplished

Don't be the one to step up to the plate,
Without a purpose or decision to make.
Be the one to step up to that plate,
With a purpose and decision made.
You may never again be given an opportunity.
No breath taken hesitates to await another.
Do it to savor and not expect favors.

To get to first base it is best not to rest.
Or take it for granted second base comes next.
Especially if you have no intention to hit homeruns.
And doing that is a vision had when you get that bat.
Without 'ifs' or 'could ofs' on your mind,
When your destination has been reached...
It is okay to look back at third base to feed 'that' need.

To have pursued and accomplished,
What you have stepped up to the plate to do...
Needs nothing or no one else to prove it done.
You did it and can do it again 'and' to welcome.
With an acknowledgement this move is entirely up to you.
Are you here to play? With a winning to choose?
OR procrastinate like so many do?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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