To Heal Quietly Expedites The Mending

Personal pain to feel alone,
And condone...
Is difficult to share,
Even when someone is there caring.

One in this position,
Would prefer not to be reminded of it.
Believing left to heal quietly,
Expedites the mending.

And yet someone there caring,
Can sometimes care too much.
Although if they should leave,
The one who suffers has lost a crutch.

Yes, it is tough to suffer a personal pain.
And to feel alone with this condoned.
This is also difficult to share with someone caring,
Especially if they are not accustomed...
To hearing their loved one moan alone.
And there is nothing left for them to do,
But to pretend what they hear would disappear.

I understand you are in pain.
But can you get up to go to another room,
Until my TV program goes off? '

~I wish I could, sweetheart.
But there is a reason why I am in the hospital.
And strapped to the bed with tubes and needles,
Taped to my body.~

'I love you so much.
But can you hush for at least fifteen more minutes? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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