To Heaven To Hell

the teenager asks mom
after her first bible lesson:
'Mom, if god knows all
things why should he
bother testing us
or even adam?
he knows he would fall'

Mom caught at
a loss for words
answers: 'Everyone
asks the same question
about God. He knows
everything and it is
only through him
that we can be saved.'

The teenager shoots
back: 'I think he loves
watching us
acting out his scripts..
to heaven.. to hell.'

'Well, that may be
very true. But he wants
us to all go heaven, '
Mom says.

The child fights back:
'It is not a question
of what he wants. It is
what we want but
he has arranged for
all of that.'

Mom at a loss
for words says:
'Now, make sure you
act out yours with class
and before i throw you
into hell, get into the car.'

by john tiong chunghoo

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this is a very unique poem it made me laugh