(May 1,1988 / Old Idanre, Ondo State)

To Helen Iii - Birds

Man is animal
Living in species
Even bird indifference
Duck, Dove and others.
Perhaps you can see
Hawk and Fowl in friendship
Or Partridge united with Ostrich
But to its individual families
Yet, birds all called.

Man is animal
For like birds they live
One's family one cares
That makes Messiah worm:
Feeding on the nation.
Hadly you will see -
A man helping another
Bec'se they are Fowl and Hawk
Those that helped
In return; Kola is involved
Some are bodily.
Increasingly poor in poor
Rich in riches
Both become inheritance
From one generation to another.
Human we are called
But like that of birds we live.

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