(May 1,1988 / Old Idanre, Ondo State)

To Helen Il - The Prophecy

Dear Helen,
We both heard-
Known of these shall be removed
Nor added unto
We both known-
The rule has been booked
And the tale
We both agreed-
It is meant for us to build on.
We both remembered-
Falling of Jericho
And Joshua declaration
As we read
Elijah's prophecy
Here and now, revulsively I bewildered
That made me seek help
Perhaps the Jah has changed
Nor He gave another KJV
Why have you far asleep?
Though you are black
But your knowledge is snow
Were you not the mother
Of civilisation?
Wake! if thou art slept
Listen to the air, or google
Your prophets are killing our land
They offered nothing
Than annihilative declaration
Never they ever seen good
Only the other side of goodness
They claimed they anticipate
But never powered-
To uproot, build, plant, cast and amend
They merely prophesy evil
Can you tell-
Who sent them,
Whose part they take -
Musa or Apostles?

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wonderful poem about religion written in a humourous way. keep it up guy, keep the nigerian flag flying