(19 January 1809 - 7 October 1849 / Boston)

Sonnet 5: True Love

I do not only love you with just my eyes
And not just with my heart too, my dearest.
Nor do I sweet talk you with deceitful lies,
Nor do I just love you when you are nearest.
But with every fibre of my being:
My love for you is built to last for ever
For it is your face that I love seeing
And ensuring you are unhappy never.
For when I send you love’s pages in a note,
Or a special card on your sweet birthday,
I find that I am pleased on you to dote
And I to spend those happy times at play.
Your only happiness is my utmost gain
And your love for me is what keeps me sane.

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Be moar repectfullll
It's not CHEESY. Y YU SO MEAN? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😪😪😰😰😰😨😨😖😨😰
It's not CHEESY. Y YU SO MEAN? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😪😪😰😰😰😨😨😖😨😰
Huehuehue i dun know bout u but I think it's cheeeeseeeeeeeeesy :)))
The delivery reciting of this beautiful poem is wrong Too harsh
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