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To Her Prince Charming

Amazed, I see her inner strength and wonder
Why she is alone - still?
When it's clear to me her essence ethereal,
But, someone I can never have, and never will.

And, there's someone for everyone, they say -
May be true, may be not -
But there's someone for her, this I know,
Else the mountains crumble soon, or time be forgot.

The Principe, The Charmed Prince, is surely here,
Waiting for just the right moment to surprise -
To enrapture and enchant; to enthrall, to inflame
And win her heart, this I do surmise.

And he will appear when least expected,
When all is well, or when well enough will not suffice,
When the moon is bleak on the dark horizon
Or, when rainbows streak across the misty sky.

Her Prince Charming: will he be gallant and brave?
Will he be kind? Will he be truthful? Will he be just?
Will he be generous? Will he be honest and fair?
One above reproach, a good man, worthy of trust?

This, of course is beyond my sight nor do I suppose,
And only Time's unraveling will the answer show.
But, of all that Life has given and taken back,
And, those things found and lost, this again I know:

The day will come when Heaven will smile
On the charmed Principe and his Lady Fair,
And, be it luck, destiny, or how the stars align,
They will find love, true love; theirs to share.

So Principe, be ready, be sure and be secure.
Seize the moment when it comes to fore,
And pluck this beautiful star from the firmament,
Hold to your heart, always to cherish and adore.

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