I Want You

i toss at nite frum lack of sleep wen u arent beside me.

i fiend tu feel ur sensual touch as yu lay behind me.

dis feelinn is smthn i cant control, its weirdly smthn new

but i can never explain da tru feelin of how bad i want yu.

yu wear da pants, ur in control, im gone and i dunno how,

yu pick da place it doesnt matter i jus want all of yu now.

yu'v teased and pleased and tempted me for a little too long

so Nobody by Keith Sweat shall be our cuddie song :)

or shall i say make love for the love that will be made,

ill do the do jus to get tu yu and i promise that i'll behave.

jus promise me by the end of the night yu'll make my dream cum tru

cuz i can neva explain da tru feelin of how bad i want yu (: -Classy <3

by Classy Boomdata

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.........beautiful poem...especially like this line ★ To please both thy false heart and rid myself from woe, That rather had to die in troth than live forsaken so!