I Remember

I remember…those days when I was young,
full of dreams, desire, ambition, and knowing
things will change, yes, things I can change.

I remember my days of youth, happiness,
tears, anxiety and those days of friends
and caring for one another.

I remember those days, days filled with rain
and filled with sunshine, of ambitions, ah…
ambitions that were never to be.

I remember my youth, my aging, my thinking
I will live forever…old age was not to be, never
be mine, for youth, life, health was my destiny.

I remember, now, yes…I do remember,
I remember growing old, I remember things
that took me unawares…

I remember now, I remember my hair turning gray,
my new aches and pains, the failing sight…
I remember now, what was then, and what is.

I remember the heartaches, the joy, the excitement
the burning desires, and giving those emotions…
yes, they still linger, those days of wine and roses.

I remember, while I can remember, and share those
memories with myself, my conscious mind, and then, those
memories make life worth living…and sharing with myself.

I remember, now, that life and health were never promised
to me…I remember that those things I should remember
are gone…never to be remembered.

I remember most of all, that there is a God in heaven
and lastly my thoughts, on that day, that final day
I will remember my God and His promises to me.

I remember my youth...gone forever. I remember
promises kept, promises not kept, but promises
from the Divine, those, now those, I can trust,
those….I remember.

by Paddy Cakes

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