Five Paradoxical Pictures

Five Paradoxical Pictures
By: Freeyad Ibrahim

Twenty years child screamed in surprise
Baba...I see justone white hair in your blond beard
Twentyyears later... she herself yelled astonished
O! My father...Isee just one blond hair in your white beard
My sheikh, I asked my spiritualguide;the Time
The apes leap from one tree to another in search offruit...
and the politicians leave one political party
and move to another looking for positions
So do the positions have the shape of the tree
He answered me:
But somepoliticians of this time
have got the nature of apes!
A cloud wept, so the grass laughed,
The trees danced
A pen cried.. sothe paper laughed
and the lines danced
So the waterwheel screeched...
The creek laughed and the pigeons cooed
The men wept... So the homeland went lost !
When the king passed through the crowd
Mounting his horse,
He became overwhelmed with vainglory andpride
when he heard the roaring ofapplause
He was quite unaware of the fact
that the crowd was applauding just to show
their awe and admiration
for the horse's strength
How couldit carry
such a mountain of sins!
She:what does love mean
He:it means sacrifice,my sweetheart
She:and are youready to sacrifice for my sake, my darling
He:yes,of course
She:if you are really honest,
then get me acquainted to the owner of the bank
whom you work for..!
Freyad Hugo

by Freeyad Ibrahim

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Great and inspiring poem for troubled souls. What are we to understand by 'learn to recognize the measured dance that orders all our years'?