To Htose Who Suffer....Army Status

As they sent are men to fight the devils
As I sit here thinking and crying
How things didn't change at all
And I realized the pres. Was lying

Where are they....damn I want to know
Before he left I told him not to go

The pain I've dealt with is excrusiating
While the pain I have now is the same
And as I notice now when he said he was leaving
Now I know it wasn't a game

And its just not me...its hundreds
Its sons and daughters and mothers and fathers,
Brothers and sister too
If iwe all had to say something we would all say'we love you'.

I'm struggling without you
And I really need you here
So we can be one again
And to wipe away my tear

I guess your choice was far more important than your ability.....
Bc to me your the strongest there can be.......

But I still want you to make our country proud
And may god protect you in that battlefield
I want you to keep your head up high
Because over here you are my shield

I don't want any day to be the last day of your life
So why are you in iraq
My love for you is forever
And I really need you back

by luisa sanchez

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