To Impeach Or Be Crazed

"I can not believe,
What is going on.
What's happening? "

-Which can you not believe?
The obviousness of it.
Or its repetition? -

Leadership to have had,
Not one scandal associated with it.
And known to be dependable and competent.
Was too much of an embarrassment.
For those opposing and could not accept,
Anyone representing a race of another color...
To have qualities of intelligence.
With strategies to provide,
Guidance with undeniable progress to make.

An array of conflicts and division,
Are on display few can ignore.
Or if not noticed...
Folks dismissing it as fiction,
Have spent light years living away...
Filling their minds avoiding,
What is taking place.
And completely spaced out.
Without it to realize,
Their quality of life...
Has dropped below,
Being detected by radar!
To become totally deluded by image.
Hoping prospects from impressions made,
Will deliver them to a fantasy world.

People elected to sit,
In leadership positions.
And claiming to be aware with full consciousness.
Are actually debating,
Whether to impeach or be crazed...
By the ones they have elected,
To represent their best interests.
But exposed to be corrupted criminals.
Liars, deceivers and blatant thieves.
Without a hint or scent of common sense.
Or can acknowledge or admit,
Any connection to humanity.
Stay devoted with support to give,
Continued endorsement...
To those who only base their judgments to make,
On appearances, religious affiliations.
And abilities to have them,
Unable to face centuries of insecurities.

This is not only nonsense.
But this also threatens,
The existence of humanity.
To have known what it could been.
But a kept ignorance sat stubbornly,
In defiance of its acceptance.
In objection to any progress made at all.

"We can not impeach our leaders."

-Why? -

To do this would create and promote,
Conflict, confusion, division.
Along with racism and hatred."

-I can not believe what's going on.
What's happening? -

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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