To Jesus . . . I Love You . . . Because . . .

You're my Knight in shining armor,
Upon Your majestic steed,
Rescuing me from sin,
Those awful wretched deeds. A ship without a harbor
Full of worries and of strife,
Adrift upon the sea,
You came into my life. Restoring my ravaged heart,
Like a cooing, peaceful dove . . .
Bringing peace of mind,
You anchored me in love. You're my Knight in shining armor
Upon your majestic steed,
Giving me understanding,
Fulfilling my every need. Supplying me with compassion,
Redeeming my very soul,
Guiding me in gentle fashion
Toward Your satisfying goal. Comforting me in sorrow,
Healing me of pain,
Knowing you, my LORD,
I have everything to gain. Yes, You're my Knight in shining armor
Upon your powerful steed,
Fighting all my battles,
I release them all to Thee.

by Karen Kay

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