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To Joyce And Blue Jays Everywhere
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

To Joyce And Blue Jays Everywhere

Thanks be to God
or Darwin's theory,
or perhaps both?
that blue jays
and all the birds that live in splendour and eternal peace
on the pages of Audubon
still, but some now only there... and
who look through our windows
at the TV screen,
maybe sneak a look at the newspapers,

can't read - yet -
or understand
intellectual montage like Eisenstein
and the jump-cut in film
and are spared the question
whether mankind is evolving

William Blake would put this better
through his tears
and faith

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Hey Joyce, Your poem was about blue jays, not Blue Jays, right? Could be trouble there for you on the sports pages...; -))