To Julie Iii

In answer to 'I thought you had forgotten.'

O SPEAK not of forgetting,
Nor thinh I can forget ;
One rosy ray of evening
Lives when the sun has set.
And like that dying sun-beam,
Fading in haste away.
That ling'ring fond remembrance
Is all I have of day.

Our joys were all united—
All link'd our sorrows were;
Like two young doves from one sweet liome,
Launch'd on the vernal air.
The storm in silence gather'd
Around our heedless joy ;
It burst—our hearts were wither d—
Nought could my love destroy.

For 'twas my spirit's fondness.
And not an earthly dream ;
It dreamt of thee as angel like,
, And angel like became.
And if the dead remember
Ought of their earthly lot—
A lonely, lingering love like mine
Can never be forgot.

The cold, stern world may part us—
Between us roll the main ;
When souls like ours have mingled,
They never part again.
In agony we sever'd—
In fondness, as we met—
Thou hast indeed forgotten love,
To think I could forget!

by Josias Homely

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