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To Kill Another Man

I will not ever kill any man!
Just because my government says that I should or that I can,
Upon that order or request I assuredly will deny
I will never be the reason for another man to die,
Isn't murder and assassination just the same
Whether under God's rule or man's reign,
Isn't murder a sin and against the law
Against another man, a weapon I will not ever draw.
My bible says that a person, I should not ever kill
Not for pleasure or gain, and not for government or thrill,
I will never cause another man's eyes to go dim
Just because my government does not like him,
I now wonder if mine or another country would ever want me dead
And if so, would an assassin understand the words I have said,
I could never put a human's life in my crosshairs
As long as I have a soul and conscious; and he has prayers.

Randy L, McClave

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