To Kill Me

I asked the dagger;
You'd kill me.?
He said, "No."
To the clouds and the stars
To the moon, wheat and flowers
Precipitation in the Shingles
They said, "No."

I asked for love;
You'd kill me.?
He said, "Yes."
I asked Shiiride;
You'd kill me.?
He said, "Yes."
I can't count my heartbeat
Give me a leverage from the poem
I'll move the world.

Living in Death
A century of poetry
He thinks he's a billiard ball.
I'm like a marble.
I'm at the train station at 14.00.

Dusty hour of the station
Like the longest living old man in the world
When you were asleep reading poetry
The black train is delayed again as expected

People like billiard balls
They're passing by.
What's coming from the station
You Love Me "poetry."
I said, "Are you in love? "
They never asked.
They ask me about the hours.
How and where
The forgotten hours..

11 December 1981
9 December 2018

by Bulent Karaalioglu

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imagination and philosophizing........... very nice poem. tony