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To Kiss...Or Not To Kiss
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To Kiss...Or Not To Kiss

Poem By maggie signaigo

Excuse me…
While I kiss this guy
What would he do
If I gave it a try?
Would he kiss me back?
Or would he even pucker?
Would he latch onto me
Like an all day sucker?
Sometimes you wanna
But you just don’t dare
And sometimes you do
‘cause you just don’t care
I kinda relate it to
that box of chocolate
You just never quite know
What you ‘re gonna get
Do guys wanna do the kissing?
Or do they want to be kissed?
And if we skipped it altogether
Would it even be missed?
Now that I think about it
Kissing is maybe overrated
But you gotta start somewhere
Or the night is ill-fated
Then you close your eyes
And feel him close to your face
Then surprise…he’s already
Moved to second base
So guys share your target
My neck…above or beneath?
Should I shave my legs?
Or brush my teeth?

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