TTO ( / Washington State)

To Know

While just children we see the rays of the sun
But not the Power that created it.

While just children we hear the sounds of the flowing brook
But not the Love that created it.

While just children we see the stars
But not the Hand which scatters them in the sky
As the farmer scatters seed.

It is only through the communion with the Angels
Of the Heavenly Father, will we learn to see the 'unseen'
To 'hear' that which cannot be 'heard'
And to 'speak' the 'unspoken word'.

Part of a prayer explaining how some people just seem to know all that is going on. A super sort of discernment - a gift.

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So refreshing to read a poem that gives honor to the awesome unseen Creator behind the things created. For his unseen qualities are seen by the things made. Romans 1: 20. Nice one, Theo!
Yes, Theo, if anyone has that discriminating gift, it is you: 'Seeing, the unseen, Hearing what cannot be herd Speaking the unspoken word' This poem, so beautifully and clearly written, is proof like so many others of yours that as a poet you are blessed to see things that others cannot see, and to write about them poetically.. For only poets know the truth, only poets feel the truth And care I understand, its Angeles that have taught you. And you pass the wisdom and beauty down to us thru impeccable poetry. Could we ask for more?
Such a gentle loving praise to raise to our God our Creator. Children might not know these things but given the opportunity to go to Sunday school they certainly totally trust and love their Lord. Thank you for sharing this- - the more faith poems the better! ! I'm showering 10's on it, cuz it's a blessing to read!