To Know

To know is something double-edged Anytime Simply because if you know It's a problem, If you don't know, It's another problem, Knowledge is pretty, but When it comes to uncover deep truths About hidden secrets, then It's painful... To know is better than Not to know... Not to know is better than To know anytime... If you mix between what you know and What you don't know, then It's sad... If I know about some truths, then I have sometimes to hide behind them... If I don't know about some truths, then It will be better for me anytime... It's all like that game of Hide-and-seek anytime and That's our whole life... It's just to know or You don't know... To me, There might be a little and trivial difference, but To others, I really ignore and I really Don't know anytime... ______________________________________________________________________


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