Living In Lonely Years

Spring is here but everything is just so bleak,
Like a tree in the bitter cold, every blow of wind takes away a piece of me,
A baobab I thought I was,
Able to survive with no fat leaves to store my water,
I thought I was strong enough to withstand the north and south winds at the same time with my trunk full of water,
But I guess the water was kept for tearing!

Seems my thoughts are just a dream, a desire I strongly have deeply rooted in my soul,
I am nothing but a tiny little flower,
Fragile to the harsh conditions of the world,
Doctor, doctor please take away the pain,
I can't take no more of the feeling in my heart, make it go away,
Deep in my soul my problem resides,
A connection exists between the two, separate them NOW!

'Living In Lonely Years' spells my name,
I guess that's why they named me Lily :)
I was born to be there for Everybody,
Help Everybody find happiness and closure,
Everybody comes to me for advice,
Everybody leans on my tiny yet broad shoulders,
Everybody is such a lucky being,
I wish I was someone's Everybody but I guess that's not my destiny,
I was made to be Nobody!

by Lily Mosweu

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