To Lady Cleofe

...You're like an angel gliding
across the passages leading to the depths
of the secrets that cannot be in peace,
...Your graceful feet touch
the floor leaving no marks of any memories
that would invade the heart cannot be in silence.

...Your white wings clapped gently
like the fingers of Apollo playing the harp
to summoned sleep to the restless god,
...Your hair flew like the Graces in the winds
who dances around the court of Zeus
from whence crowned of woes'.

...You're like an angel lady Cleofe
into my solitude- doors of thoughts
like a child so alone and of a broken man.
...You're there of presence so innocent
in the woods of my fantasies
that no place that cannot be in time.

...Oh lady Cleofe, imagination yet looks so real
for a man can named you
like an angel of no face resembles,
...Oh lady Cleofe, creation from the deep
of a man who cannot find
the way to rest from his endless quest
of love that cannot be his.

by Jordan Legaspi

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