JL (24 July 1978 / Davao City, Philippines)

+ To Lady Dovie

You count your beads again that morning
Repeating the words that is-
Your treasure that was kept inside your heart
-our Father in heaven…
-hail Mary full of grace…
-glory is to the Father, Son, and Ghost…Amen
The formula of faith expressed
While you gazed to the skies
Letting go of the good things my Princess
-your family
-your friends
-your life…Amen
The strength that I cannot comprehend
The pain I felt but cannot be seen
The loneliness that I’ve been
But in you everything is already destined

The beads slowly placed into silence
Your lips took the last and first sweet smile
While your eyes searched our faces your last glance
-my dear sister I’ll be missing you
-your prayers will be the fountain of values
-your beads will be the memories of you
That ones God gave me a holy sister like you
-whose life is offered to Him alone
-whose gesture of love is union with the passion
-whose dreams is hope giving to all of us

Go now my sister
Peace unto your journey
To God who called you awaits in His glory
For a death of His saint is a life in eternity
Amen to the Father, to the Son and to the Ghost.

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