To Lamb

To Lamb

My little friend
-let us chat

Look at bag in my hand
-it is yours
-wish I had

Am ashamed to tell you
-I am thief
-I am filth
-I am bad

Look at you and those eyes
-as always, sacrificed
-the victim of the
-knife of crime

-bear with me

Yes, I know
-you have been
-at all times

Been silent
-gone have been
-all your rights
-from wool to your milk
-and your meat and skin
-to blood
-bone and nerves

It is shame
-yes, I know
-I have been criminal…
-I confess…
-shame on me

Look at bag in my hand
-it is yours
-is your food
-is skin
-of melons

Wish I had good news

But I don't
-I do not
-I am filth
-I am bad
-am useless

I am thief
-I am waste
-a worthless

Where are you?
-in a pen?
-behind bars?

Just because you are good?
Just because you keep calm?
Just because you say: "Baaa"?

Hey little kind friend
-lamb, speak, appear
-let us chat

I hate me
-hate city
-hate mankind
-this devil of crimes
-this faithless
-this looter criminal

Man kills you and eats you head to hoof
-then calls you animal to steal all your rights
-and sets laws to send you behind bars…

by Nassy Fesharaki

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