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To Late

i want to hurt my self
to see if i still feel
i want to cry to know if im still alive
but i cant because im so lifeless inside
slowly dieing
from loving you to much
lost in the memories
of you and me
traped in the wake
of my every mistake
im looking at you
through the shards
of my shattered broken heart
it feels like forever
sence i've felt you touch
just hearing you voice
is all to much
i never ment to hurt you
and i diserved everything you said
babie i promise i've changed
but that dosnt matter
i know you'll never love me again
ha you loved me?
wanting to spend the rest of your life with me
telling me that you could never be with anyone but me
then why has it only been a week and your already
with a nother guy
i cant belive i fell for it
fell for your love
i wanted to spend the rest of my life with you
babie that is true and i do really love you
only if you knew
but you'll never know now
its to late now
i can feel by heart slowing
my breath fading away
the lights are growing dim
i can hear your voice
and right befor i go
as i mutter my last words
to your picture that i hold close by my side
'I LOVE YOU! ! ! '
you wake up screaming my name
you grab your phone
despritly trying to call me to see if im ok
you can feel it inside you that ive gone away
im sorry but your to late
if only that call would have been 5 muinets sooner
then i would still have been able to said hello
but im sorry its to late
i had to go

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Comments (2)

Brilliant, and I do hope it is just a poem. I can feel the rawness in the emotion of it. You describe it in such that i feel as if it me not waiting anymore for that phone call.
Whoaaaaaaaa.......I hope its just a poem, my friend! ! Cheers. Subroto