ML (07 March 1987 / Cape Town)

To Let Live

Let the thunder roar,
Let the heavens be disgorged,
Let the lightning whip the sky,
Let the clouds cover my eyes,
Oh let the fury rain,
Let the evening mist choke,
Let the cross be trampled,
Let the moon become black,
Let the world bow to me,
Let them feel my anger
Smote upon them,
It is not their fault
But let them suffer,
Let the deamons come,
Let the numbers equal 6,
Let the familiar shapes faulter,
And the shadows linger longer,
Let bridges be torn asunder,
Let buildings buckle in pain,
Send the masses under,
Let them whince at my very name,
They shall pay for my grief;
My sorrow I feel now,
And if they should dare to rob me,
Let their mothers be damned as well.
Let the wind whistle past me,
Let the people scream and yell,
Let their futile whining
Be heard as far as hell.
Let fire consume their souls,
Let water drown their hearts,
Let them feel ten times the pain
Of what I feel lives in my heart.
Let no stone be left unturned,
Let them live so that they may see
What has left me gasping,
Then let them die, let them bleed.
But never let them take her,
Never let them steal
What no man should ever lose,
Never let them take her from me.
(9 January 2004)

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