You Are God Too...

I, in paradoxical human comprehension have defined myself.
Though to this definition I am not confined
This too, in itself, is in part & the entirety of my definitive paradigm
Nor in words, being human deficiencies, it is not contained
The definition, by nature, is infinite, though restricted by its definition.
It is unlimited limitedness, as well as boundless
Though being bound by contemplation in words
Neither is that a fit (or unfit as it were) description
For to graze the infinite in barbed fences of thought or action
Would cause its infinity to be counted and measured
And in its fence it would fall far short of infinite
I am my definition perfect and incomplete
Like it, in words and comprehension, I am my boundary
My own container of infinite and definitive
I ensnare and enslave my limitations, I too their emancipator
I am the equitable prejudice judge of my existence
The hung jury of my mistrialed being
And the executioner of my reality, honoring life
I beg for pardon and are pardoned myself
I in paradox am defined, not out of arrogance, though in ego,
Not from megalomania nor lack of self esteem
I defined, limited by human words, but not in definition
am GOD
All of me is God, though not all of God is me
I create as I was created in the creative likeness of the Creator
Who too is not limited by his creation nor his definition
In paradoxical human comprehension

by Vincent Cibelli

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