To Lily Law, With Love

The lily undulate on the meandering ripples
Of the stream drawing sustenance as peculiar to watery rhythms
And deep down the valley the self same bends to airy rhythms
Both blooming beautifully yielding flowers in due season
Nature and nature’s law they conform in surpassing beauty.
The tiny bubble in insignificant transience suspends in the air
But in diminutive frailty able to reflect the larger rainbow.
The caterpillar yields to the onslaught
Of the stage where it can assume the semblance
Of a cocoon and finally the butterfly emerges
In iambic pentameter do poets dabble in apprentiship.
Verses and rhymes imperfect to young lovers cast
But in those shy lines
Of immaturity a genius lurks
Shakespeare’s love’s labours lost
Was not a labour of love
Of an attempt at dramatic poetry
But to furnish him with ideas beyond and possibilities
Lads and lasses on the pages
Of Romeo and Juliet imitate love rhymes
A novice you may concede and a beginner, a line from
Your random thought in my minds eye can be a masterpiece!
Tell me the meaning
Of love and genius –
Tell me what struck the heart and eyes
Of king Caphetua in the old nursery rhyme to fall
In love with the beggar maid.
Let me cast my argument in a superficial mould –
If now your name lily law can inspire music in my soul
My hands dragged in poetic frenzy to scribble a poem,
Your efforts even now can ululate and proclaim your charms to the world

Let me pause here and continue with my reading
Of As You Like It and
You never can tell.

by Kojo Owusu

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Once again, thank you!