To Live

I try ot think, I try to breath, I wonder if I'm even living; I walk through each day—
lonely, on a journey with no end, no one beside me, no one looking my way
I do what I can to breath again, yet every time I try it comes to an end
Why can't I live, if just for a moment, to see what wonders stand before me
Nothing to love, nothing to hold, to bring me back to life, without the cold
I stand in the dark, looking for the eyes of light—
still . . . nothing, nothing to guide me or take my hand, nothing to hold me or love me from within
Aimlessly I walk with fears unknown, when will it be, or will it ever be, my turn
to live; to walk not alone, to hold what is new and to live . . . not in stone.

by Colin Todd Andreas

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YOU STOLE THIS POEM FROM ME! ! ! ! You tweaked it a bit, but this is a clear rip off of my work. How Sad! ! ! ! !