Death Of The Other Half

when i relize how much pain i put myself through
the pain i put on the shoulders of my ma
i knew aprt of me should die

the half of me who thought only as if there is a tomorrow
but no yesterday is one half
the half of me who thinks as if there was ayesterday but no tommorrow
is another

one has caused me pain the other has led me to the right path
but as one has opened my eyes to the truth and the other has lived a life of lies.

by martel alexis

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This poem containing a tiny cell has vast meaning and broadness. A person who is alone can realize the solitude and will love freedom. A beautiful poem so nicely executed. Thanks for sharing.10
We all live the way we feel regardless if we are alone or with someone at the utmost to show how much we care. This world is hard enough to be as one that's my feeling. We are all blessed to get out of our nest to move on
what is life without someone to share it with
I see beauty and cleanness in such concise conclusions, yet the following quote comes to mind... For what life is there, what delight, without golden Aphrodite? Mimnermus
if that were the case why did god rib out a woman let me know we have to remain in love and harmony have wife and kids look after mommy Earth and till it too let the cycle of life continue and share it at will why do you wanna live alone you are young have fun enjoy with the ones you want to why do you want to live alone will you tell me too I'd rather be among so many who love me wouldn't you also like to