To Live As Has Been Experienced

My life to live as has been experienced thus far,
With obstacles to face and to have removed...
Has nothing to do with those,
Who have shown their creative imaginations.
And with this done not to know what it takes,
To wear or fit my shoes or anyone else's...
Only to have those days to come when I would sit,
Wishing the ones I have worn out...
I could afford to replace with a wave of a wand.
Or someone to imagine them new like a fresh rumor.

Although I will admit,
The assistance I am told about and rumored to get...
I often wished I knew from where it came.
Since the acceptance of it,
I would not have hesitated to permit and accept...
As a benefit to comfort my journey without expectations.
Perhaps this assistance existed without God knowing?
And God and I have been on a first name basis,
All my life. Free of lies. Excuses to make. Or alibis.
When I screamed out from fear, I knew and felt God near.
With a getting up on my feet to leave others to make claims.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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