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To Live Inside My Heart
CM (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

To Live Inside My Heart

I gave up everything to live inside my heart.
Life for another was more to me than one could imagine.
I could never stand by and watch a child suffer in sadness.
I would starve and disregard myself for what after i saw.
Every mile out of the way i walk misery pass and talk.
Though you couldv'e seen my bone's you would never
know i was alone.
This is for the one's that aren't strong and need it more than me.
Im hoping i can restore a world that never feeds the poor to believe.
Some might object to my decision and ask why am i
trying to be god.
Sacrifice kindle the spirit for some heart don't see tears but can hear it.
Tell me could you die for another to live.
A piece of bread to keep one of you alive who will take and who will give.
A question to live with but my answer was made up from the start.
And this is why i live inside my heart.

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