To Long

were did you go?
why did you leave
questions i hear myself asking;
before i fall asleep
the only time i could be with you
is in my dreams
but i constantly found myself awake
thinking of my unachieved dreams
i just cant believe your gone
far away, its been to long
i really didnt think the day would come
that you would pack up
and carry on
i couldnt stop you
there was nothing i could do
so i sat there
and sadly watched you go
it's been to long
sense i last talked to you
over a week
and still havn't heard a word from you
i hope your happy, and everything is going swell
i will take the hint
and try to let you go
but im still stuck with one question
what could we have been?

by josh dover

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There are a lot of word errors in this one and I found the subject rather unimportant in the way it was presented. I don't think the reader would care that you are suffering here. Too bad for you and the poem. GW62