EP (4/22/90 / Warren Ohio)

To Lose All Love

To cheat on some one that you believe that you love is one thing.
But to lie yourself into staying loyal is totally different.
Is it worth the pain to tell yourself that you have feelings that you’re not sure about?
Is it worth the chance of losing another because of these lies?
To kiss another while you have your own love is bad enough.
But what if you fall for another when your love is gone?
Do you take the chance of secretes?
Or do you leave your love for another so you don’t hurt them as bad?
Do you just suffer through the emotionless relationship just to keep them happy?
Or do you leave the relationship and potentially seriously hurt your love?
What if you both kiss another and fall for a completely fall for yet another person?
On top of that what if you lose all feeling for the one you thought you loved?

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the questions you ask are so deep. i love the way you ended this. great piece of work