To Lose Someone Special

Do you know what it like
to lose the woman of your dreams
I've tried.. Can't get her back
even when I fall asleep
Can't sleep nightmares of never finding love
be frightening me
Only she can make smile,
been searching for her for a long time
I finally get the chance to kiss her
with the sun shining in my eyes
The best day ever had I wished it last forever
nothing never does
why did I had to lose love?
Why the world wanna punish me?
tell me what the hell I've done?
Some people get lucky find a good woman
only to make her spill blood
She knew I would of treated her better
so why she runaway?
There ain't no place she could run to
that'll love her my way
And everyday I'm askin the lord
to help me get her back
I'll do anything lord live a Christian lifestyle
on a holy track
I just need a good woman
to help me trough it
Like you did for Adam you gave him Eve
but he still blew it
Is that why you reuse to make me happy?
I'm only asking
Cause I see wedding rings on everybody else
but what about me?
Ain't jealous and envious of nobody
just want mines to come home
Cause I'm all alone and on my own
In those times I'm sitting down with the phone
Which number to dial? Who knows
About losing someone special

by Akeem Mair

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