Kids Need Their Dad Too

As they said goodbye
one uncertain the other nearly crying
I had to go and not look back
I couldn't let them see my tear tracks

a must I have to enforce
a loss later with no recourse
if I don't even try to make it right
right for them this point in their lives

the devastation would be too great
they don't understand what I know it creates
a fatherless childhood you can't erase
all I could tell them was to say

you need him as much as you need me
even if you don't think so now, someday you'll see
I know he's a mess but one thing is true
you need to know that he loves you as much as I do too

by Lauren B Called

Comments (2)

I agree, but it is just as painful when you discover someone you loved has deceived you. That is another form of loss
Sally-Ann, to love someone and loose them is one of the hardest things that can happen, that's so true. David