To Lost And Alone

To lost and alone
To even explain
Theres to much
Suffering, hurt and pain

Ready to burst right
Out at the seems
I just want my life to be
Empty and clean

Running away from so much
Things I cant bare
Just to let the smallest bit in
So terrified and scared

So past the edge and now
I don’t even no myself
Unable to say a single word
Or to even ask for help

Isolated to the point that
Im to self depended
Not needing anyone to rely on
And its all intended

I push people out of the way
I only need just one
Me and myself and i
Otherwise I become undone

But yet at the same time
Im desperate not to be alone
The scariest thing is that I will
Die all on my own

But how can I love when theres
Nothing there inside
Feelings and emotions just
Move on and past by

Dead or something I don’t know
Things are all so still
Nothing ever building up
Inside im a frozen chill

Trying hard to live when at
The same time I am dead
Happy and smiling im doing ok
While at the same time hanging by a thin thread

by kate Emma

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