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To Love

Love is universal and also a force of the universe
Some call it a gift while others see it as a curse,
It is a feeling and a thought which can't be questioned or reasoned
And unlike growth, it cannot be cultured or seasoned.

Love is an expression of affection both physical and with emotion
It can begin with a smile from across a yard or across an ocean,
But, however as much that we may want to, it we cannot command
And how much that we wish or try, it we cannot demand.

Love is a wish to offer pleasure and satisfaction to another
Sometimes though we end up trying to abuse and smother,
It is the appropriate level of emotional and soul sharing
It has no boundaries or restrictions for wanting and caring.

We cannot control the moon or the stars or the wind with our desire
Nor can we extinguish the need and want of love's fire,
From adoration and affection I will always kneel
To be in love, is to feel the way that God must really feel.

Randy L. McClave

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