JC (09/13/91 / Korea)

To Love A Stone

A cold hard stone,
lays infront of me,
with no movement,
to come towards me.

Yet I know,
that deep inside my heart,
I love that cold hard stone,
that leaves me lonely.

I tried with all my love,
with all the effort that i could muster,
from the bottom of my heart,
i emptied my love.

But with no movement,
the rock ignored me.

Then came this young lad,
he had a match with wood,
he kindled a fire,
right next to me.

He sat by the rock,
with his little fire,
and little by little,
he coaxed my rock,
to warm towards him.

And I thought hard and hard,
about what just happened,
with all my love that i loved,
from the bottom of my heart i gave,
but the rock,
only warmed,
to him.

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