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To Love Again Would Be A Sin
EM (13/06/1990 / )

To Love Again Would Be A Sin

“To rescue me would be a crime
As all the sinners have there day
Save me from this heart of mine
Let fate decide my destiny”

As the widowed women weeps
Her face engrossed with tears
Her blacked body as he sleeps
Confirming her worst fears

To love again would be a sin
And sinners always loose
Tears caress her lonely skin
Which path will she choose?

All is done and all is said
The flame just flickered out
Her married lover is dead
And her heart is full of doubt

She cries for him into the night
His burnt out soul still there
The darkest shadow shows no light
No heart to love or care

Beaten by the ghostly wind
Her breaking heart called
For she had never really sinned
But her efforts had been floored

Screaming with the ghostly wind
Her withered body did die
Her hanging corpse left to swing
Neither soul nor spirit did fly

And tales of this woman are told
How love was made hate
How her widowed body soon went cold
And her life was left to fate.

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this shows a great deal of promise. impressive!