A Million Scattered Pieces

A Million scattered pieces
Are all coming together
Slowly but surely

Foggy face in the mirror
Is finally getting clearer
Slowly but surely

A sweet little soul
Lost his entire childhood
Sleeping under
A dirty blanket of fear
Helpless and alone,
Voiceless little heart
Quietly cried to sleep

Tears that flowed for decades
Are finally drying out
Slowly but surely

Eyes that were wide shut
for decades now
Are finally opening up
Slowly but surely

Always hiding his face
Behind a façade
Lived on this life
Slowly but surely

Poison that he cooked
He drank it all
Hiding behind the purity
Of this God made relationship
He committed numerous crimes

Lock that closed his mouth
Is finally opening up
Slowly but surely

None of it
Was ever his fault
He is finally finding it out
Slowly but surely

Million scatered pieces
Are finally comming back togather
Slowly but surely

Nick Kler

by Nick Kler

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THE SEQUEL: In the joy of my friends...Your repeating words come to live inside me, as if I am amongst them, poetry can reach every smallest corner of our heart. Most beautiful poem, loveliest worded. A 10 Full Vote. God Bless You and your family in Abundance. Amen.
The coziest poem I read this morn, it´s oft a greatest feel to be amongst friends who are celebrating a wedding, shared something private, the intimate union of two, like nowhere else: In the joy of my friends Who sing of love and the song To love, to love and a wedding....this is a heart warming poem What joy it has been to share...
Rich flow of thought ceremoniously rich in tone. An absolutely pleasing write-up, very heartfelt. Thanks for sharing Matthew.
what a Hymn to happy wedding!
well written the flow that goes with love and a wedding to brace it.
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